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Your Safe Neighborhood Needs YOU!

Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood. But, it takes everyone in the neighborhood to make it safe!

Redfin has an excellent blog post, 5 Ways to Boost Neighborhood Safety As a Community. It’s a great starting point for beginners and still a good reference for experienced neighborhood groups. I really appreciate the tip about having a neighborhood Facebook group; so many of us are on social media already, it’s a easy way to implement safety and be informed right away. My Chicago sister is in one for her neighborhood and she says it’s really helpful; she gets info and replies within minutes, sometimes seconds.

Summary of  5 Ways

Tip 1: Start a Facebook Group

Tip 2: Warn People About Suspicious Activity

Tip 3: Host a Neighborhood Self Defense Course

Tip 4: Share Tips for Security Landscaping

Tip 5: Discuss on a Quarterly or Yearly Basis


My Tip 6: Get your local officers involved to learn additional steps that you and your neighbors can take. Perhaps see if one of your officers can come to your meeting to discuss stats and concerns or brainstorm ideas with your group. They are full of information and willing to help!


Read the entire Redfin article here:

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