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Tiny Living in Your Yard

Tiny homes are all the rage, but most of us need a bit…okay, a lot more space. Even so, have you ever considered adding a tiny home on your property?

Your compact cottage could be used for guests, for your own private retreat, a man cave, a she shed, your kids’ play space (a.k.a. keeping your house clean, lol!), a pool house, a morning prayer or meditation room…or you could use it as a short term rental (think AirBnB or VRBO).

Right now in Travelers Rest, there are 18 guesthouses listed on AirBnB that rent from $60 – $150 a night. If you rented at the average price of $105 a night for just 50 nights of the year, you’re looking at making $5,250 a year. 100 nights of rentals would be $10,500. 200 nights of rentals would be $21,000. Do you see where I’m going with this? If you used  it for short term rentals, you could still use it for guests when they come to town, or your own personal time.

You do have to consider that in order to have a rental, you’d need plumbing, electricity, and insurance among other things but remember that you could potentially pay for the tiny house AND clear a profit within the first year. You may be able to use a compacting toilet and solar panels to eliminate the need for running plumbing & electrical. Contact your realtor at Diamond Realty of the Upstate, your lawyer, a license & bonded builder, and your county authorities to get all the necessary information.

If you want to be adventurous, Good Housekeeping actually has a list of  13 Teeny, Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy on Amazon. Your local big box home improvement stores usually have house plan books and list kits online; you can actually order kits through Walmart as well. If you’re not into adventurous DIY, contact a local builder (licensed & bonded!) who can do the work for you.




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