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Game Day Homes: Buy, Go, Rent, Retire!

Game Day Homes are not a new concept, but it might be a new way for you to think about your future.

So what are they? Game Day Homes are houses that people purchase near a university, specifically with the intent to have a place to stay for their favorite college’s sporting events. Most buyers prefer to purchase a home within walking distance to the stadium. For the biggest bang for your buck, we suggest looking a bit outside of walking distance (a.k.a. lower purchasing prices) and finding a home that has a bus stop that runs to the stadium.

So how can this work for you? Well, you have lots of options…get ready to take notes or hit print, because here we go!

  1. Buy a house near your child’s university. Use it while they’re in school to visit and go to events, then sell it after graduation.
  2. Buy the home near your favorite university to attend their sporting events.
  3. Rent the home out for the games that you can’t or don’t want to attend. You could list it on sites like Home Away or VRBO . There’s even a Game Day Home rental website called Rent Like a Champion.
  4. Rent the home out for the rest of the year; families of athletes (and students) might prefer to stay in a home versus a hotel. Don’t forget to rent it for graduation!
  5. Use the home yourself for game days, but convert the garage to a rental space that you can rent year round (think students, faculty members, students’ or athletes’ families, businesspeople etc.). Depending on how many times you book it, the rental could pay for your mortgage.
  6. Convert the garage to living space & use that for your Game Day Home, then rent out the bigger house (= more rental income).
  7. Before renting, be sure to check with the local government for any rental laws or regulations.
  8. Since you alreay own it, retire to your Game Day Home!

More Game Day Home reading: Wall Street Journal and Greenville News.

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